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SEO Musings

Why I Removed the Moz Toolbar

Howdy Moz fans! Confession Okay, I’ll be honest – I didn’t remove the Moz toolbar for any idealistic reasons, rather I cleared out all of my Chrome extensions in an attempt to locate which one

SEO Musings

Understanding Gary Illyes’ Content Creation Tips

Apparently Bullet Point Summary Intros are a Thing Today’s generations have lower attention spans. Long paragraphs of content are less likely to keep readers on the page. We need to write toward the web, and

Google Fiber: What It Means For Inbound Marketing

Surely you’ve heard of Google Fiber by now. If you’re an SEO’er, and not certain what Google Fiber is, then this meta data that I made up might sum it up nicely: As an inbound marketing professional,

SEO Musings

Why “Care” In Client Work Is The Only Way

Introduction to Client Relationships I’m a friendly guy. I like to smile, joke around, and have a jolly time. It’s no wonder then that one of the most fulfilling aspects of my work here at

SEO Musings

Utilize Every Nook and Cranny of Your Website

Have you ever found yourself looking through the source code of a website, for one reason or another, and been delightfully shocked to find that it has a secret note or image in it?! I’m