Local SEO
Ben Heligman

The End of National Rank Tracking & How To Adapt

As SEOers we tend to get hyper-focused on rankings and since the beginning of time (aka since SEO existed) we reported using National rankings. In other words, what is our ranking for a particular keyword

Jonas Pickholtz

Recent Coding Bootcamp Graduate? Consider a Career in SEO

To my fellow bootcamp graduates, congratulations! If it was anything like my experience, you completed what was likely the most stressful and fulfilling five months of your professional adult life. From the highs of successfully

Paid Search
Chen Reznik-Moran

Why Would You Need SEO When You Have PPC?

SEO is sometimes still considered to be the least glamorous aspect of the digital marketing world. It is not as shiny as social networks and influencers, nor as personal as email or mobile marketing, and

Paid Search
Nicole Simon

Top 3 Ways To Boost Quality Score in Google Ads

Quality score is an incredibly important metric for Google Ads. While advertisers may not always keep an eye on quality score, there are heaps of benefits of having a strong score. For instance, keywords with