Kahena is always hiring!

We’re always looking to fill search marketing positions. If you are a total noob, don’t worry! We’ll train you quickly and work you very hard – but in a few short months you’ll start becoming a pro. Think you got what it takes? Read on, padawan!

Who YOU are (…. for all positions at Kahena):

Humble Hustler

People know you as a go-getter without a huge ego. You ooze initiative and like to take charge of your own destiny. You are outgoing, passionate, and extremely motivated. Your ambition and optimism are fueled by a competitive drive, but also a desire to empower others.

Curious Learner

You teach yourself in many areas and have a passion for learning new things – specifically with the web and tech. You absorb everything you read and hear, and like to take action to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. You nerd out with knowledge and new skills!

Independent Fixer with Strong Attention to Detail

You have a ‘Rosh Gadol’, big picture mentality and solve problems creatively using analytical and critical thinking. You have a stubborn fix-it mentality and are geeky about data and accuracy.

Person who gets S#!% done

You are great at executing a set of established tasks compiled by yourself or by others. You can focus on the task at hand and blaze through several hours of outreach, writing a report, or auditing. You’re not scared of getting your hands dirty with a lot of implementation.

Strategic Planner with Flexibility

You have a knack for creating plans and accurate projections, but also can course-correct with ease. You possess good improvisational skills.

Autonomous and a Team Player

Yeah… BOTH! The ability to wear many hats is crucial. You are humble and open-minded with regard to others’ opinions, best practices, and team tasks. However, you manage and over-deliver on your own projects and initiatives.

What’s in it for you?

  • We are a fast growing digital marketing agency headquartered in central Jerusalem, with branches in Tel Aviv and Glasgow. We are a passionate, fun bunch of ex-pats who love marketing and tech.
  • Very competitive salaries and benefits. Multiple tracks for growth in a dynamic company.
  • Flexible and remote work possibilities, great work/life harmony, 40 hour work weeks.
  • How does paid-for delivered lunch every other day sound? How much espresso can you drink? Do you like noshing on fruit, cookies, or healthy snacks?  Drink 10 liters of filtered water a day? We’ve got the fuel to keep ya’ movin and groovin!
  • Social events and professional development – trivia nights, happy hours with our Wii, industry conferences (like our very own KahenaCon), and parties / celebrations for any reason we can think up!