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Recent Coding Bootcamp Graduate? Consider a Career in SEO

To my fellow bootcamp graduates, congratulations! If it was anything like my experience, you completed what was likely the most stressful and fulfilling five months of your professional adult life. From the highs of successfully

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X-Men: SEOs of Future Past

With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, everything superhero is all the rage… Wolverine, Mystique, Magneto, et al are everywhere. Now everyone in the SEO Industry knows about ninjas, jedis, gurus, and rock stars, but what

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The Beginner’s Guide to Life Engine Optimization (LEO)

It’s Not Just Websites That Need Optimization Websites are not the only thing that need optimization. In a rather random and sporadic discussion we were recently having in the office about the SEO industry, one

Gift 1: The Short Story of Ted’s Site of AWESOME

This is part 1 of our 8 SEO Gifts for Chanukah series breaking down some basics of Search Engine Optimization. Ted’s Site of AWESOME One day Ted decided to create the site of AWESOME, because he wanted to share

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8 SEO Gifts for Chanukah: We Come Bearing Presents!

Tonight marks the first night of Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights. The first day of Chanukah also starts Thanksgiving, and this overlap is something that will undoubtedly never again happen during our lifetimes (true

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Just Shut it Down!

We Like to Shut it Down, Too Often times, when things go a little haywire in the SEO industry we like to joke here at Kahena that we should “just shut it down”. Well apparently