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SEO Strategy
Shlomo Wiesen

Shortcuts For Spotting Spammy Sites To Disavow

I’d say that I’m a pretty neurotic person. Even though most people frown upon this attribute, here and there it can come in handy, most notably in analyzing a web page and deciding if a

Technical SEO
Shlomo Wiesen

Gift 3: The Importance of HTTP Status Codes in SEO

This is part 3 of our 8 SEO Gifts for Chanukah series breaking down some basics of Search Engine Optimization. So What Do These HTTP Status Codes Mean? I’ll tell you a little something about HTTP status codes…they’re meaningless!

Rookie Reflections
Shlomo Wiesen

Newb VS Noob: Which One Is It?

Title Tag Reservations No, no, this blog title is not implying a competition between me and another pale faced Kahena freshman named (not provided). The above title is an evolution of my journey from sipping