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Shortcuts For Spotting Spammy Sites To Disavow

I’d say that I’m a pretty neurotic person. Even though most people frown upon this attribute, here and there it can come in handy, most notably in analyzing a web page and deciding if a

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7 Things I Learned Analyzing Penalized Sites’ Backlinks

The Long, Strange Disavow Journey With the latest round of Google’s Penguin update, Penguin 2.1, going live just under two months ago, more and more sites have been hit due to some missteps in their

Gift 7: Why Content is Still King – Start With WHY

This is part 7 of our 8 SEO Gifts for Chanukah series breaking down some basics of Search Engine Optimization. Content is King? Really? We’re going to talk about THAT? AGAIN?! See, this phrase has been around almost as