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Rookie Reflections

How Working in Digital Marketing Ruined the Internet for Me

Shayna Explains it All… [youtube=] Where it All Began I was a mild mannered environmental scientist before joining the Kahena Digital team this past summer. Like most people, I never really gave much thought to SEO

Rookie Reflections

Taking the Leap: What I Learned About SEO Through Skydiving

Before moving to Israel and diving into my internship with the SEO masterminds at Kahena Digital, I spent my leisure time diving out of planes. Skydiving is not a hobby one simply falls into (she’s

Rookie Reflections

Newb VS Noob: Which One Is It?

Title Tag Reservations No, no, this blog title is not implying a competition between me and another pale faced Kahena freshman named (not provided). The above title is an evolution of my journey from sipping