The Sharpest Tools in the ASO Shed (App Store Optimization)

Our Favorite Tools and Resources for Mobile Success (Note: Updated February 4, 2014 with some up to date information about our favorite tools and how we’ve shifted using some of them.) In the first post in this series, we claimed that the current ASO toolbox is

Waze Screenshot
App Store Optimization
Ari Roth

App Store Optimization: Filling App Store Fields Like An ASO Pro

For those of you who missed my amazing colleague Denisse’s intro to App Store Optimization a couple weeks ago, here is the summary: Mobile is already big and is getting bigger. There are a ton of apps out there in both Google Play and iTunes,

App Store Optimization
Denisse Dubrovsky

App Store Optimization (ASO) 101: The Rules Of The Game

Recently, we here at Kahena have had some great opportunities to explore the world of mobile marketing, specifically App Store Optimization or “ASO.” We’ve been scouring the internet for all news about this exciting new field, and thought we should begin giving back to the