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Utilize Every Nook and Cranny of Your Website

Have you ever found yourself looking through the source code of a website, for one reason or another, and been delightfully shocked to find that it has a secret note or image in it?! I’m


Get Your Competitors’ Keyword Data to Work For You

If you have competitors, (which 99% of you do) keyword research does not have to be a shot in the dark. Competitive research can be a great starting point for those with a new client,

Gift 1: The Short Story of Ted’s Site of AWESOME

This is part 1 of our 8 SEO Gifts for Chanukah series breaking down some basics of Search Engine Optimization. Ted’s Site of AWESOME One day Ted decided to create the site of AWESOME, because he wanted to share

Rookie Reflections

Taking the Leap: What I Learned About SEO Through Skydiving

Before moving to Israel and diving into my internship with the SEO masterminds at Kahena Digital, I spent my leisure time diving out of planes. Skydiving is not a hobby one simply falls into (she’s