Google is Now Showing Rel=Publisher Markup (Company Logo) in SERP Snippet Testing Tool

Google is Now Showing Rel=Publisher Markup (Company Logo) in SERP Snippet Testing Tool


While using the Rich Snippet Testing Tool today we came across an awesome new find (at least this is the first we have ever seen this…)

It appears as though Google is now recognizing the ‘rel=publisher’ tag and applying the associated Google+ company page profile picture (company logo) to the SERP snippet the same way it has for an individual google+ profile (rel=author). This is the first time we are seeing this in the testing tool and have yet to see this go live in the actual SERPS. Here are a screen shot of what we found for our client Optimove, (and our own site when confirming this phenomenon below).

Optimove rel=publisher serp snippet

We confirmed this by testing our own site:


What’s Next? Waiting for the SERPS…..

This could be a great leap for companies looking to stand out in the SERPs for their homepage. Has anyone seen something similar? We’re hoping this actually translates to actual search snippets showing rel=publisher markup soon.

Rachel Slovin

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