Google Cache Checker with Custom Google Docs SEO Tool [VIDEO]

Google Cache Checker with Custom Google Docs SEO Tool [VIDEO]


We’re excited to release our first of many digital marketing screencasts and videos! Today’s video is a how-to on a simple google doc SEO tool we built to check a batch list of URLs in Google’s cache. The tool allows you to quickly see whether or not a URL in a batch list is cached, and the most recent cached version and date of that page. We all know Googlebot can come on a daily basis to crawl your site – but is the page getting cached? If so when?

This tool can help. Scroll past the video for the link to the read-only tool which you can copy for your own uses. Enjoy!

p.s. excuse the geeky-sounding voice.. according to the team, this headset I was using made me sound 3 octaves higher with a clothespin on my nose. 🙂

The How-To Video


Save Your Own!

  1. Click here: for the tool.
  2. Go to File / Make a copy to save your own writeable version. (Name it whatever you want)
  3. Paste a list of URLs in Column A (under 50).
  4. Bask in cached bliss 🙂

Enjoy and leave your comments below.  

Ari Nahmani

Ari Nahmani is the CEO of Jerusalem based Kahena Digital Marketing. Ari is a web analytics freak who loves performance measurement data, excel, and pretty charts that demonstrate ROI. With an addiction to double espressos and as an Apple fanboy, it’s not uncommon to see Ari unsuccessfully managing his ADHD juggling multiple screens and iDevices. Follow him: @AriNahmani or at +Ari Nahmani