Senior SEO Consultant (Remote / Hybrid)

Senior SEO Consultant (Remote / Hybrid)

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Kahena, an SEO/PPC agency, is looking for a senior SEO consultant to contribute on client projects. Kahena, a search marketing agency, is looking for an experienced Senior SEO Consultant. Kahena is in the process of expanding our remote working positions and we’re looking for great talent, no matter where you’re based. This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic team and work with international brands.

As a Senior SEO Consultant, you will be responsible for managing multiple SEO client projects – executing on project tasks, deliverables, and achieving milestones.


  • Manage SEO campaigns for multiple clients including project management, reporting, analysis and task execution. 
  • Undertake keyword research and develop optimization recommendation deliverables.
  • Run and analyze website crawls and make recommendations as required.
  • Undertake technical SEO audits and work with development teams to implement required changes. 
  • Undertake competitor analysis, backlink profile analysis and inspect website traffic trends to identify areas for growth / improvement.
  • Undertake regular KPI analysis & prepare detailed performance reports.
  • Staying up to date with the latest SEO strategies, news and guidelines. 
  • Prepare agendas and lead client meetings with multiple stakeholders. 
  • Build and present slide decks and other client deliverables 
  • Manage client expectations and set task prioritization.

Key requirements

  • Previous full-time experience as an SEO consultant – 2 years minimum experience. 
  • Ability to work full-time in a professional remote environment. 
  • Experience leading multi-party meetings (in-person and virtual). 
  • Client management experience / customer service background
  • Experience with Excel and basic data analysis.
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics / Google Search Console)
  • Strong skills in time management and ability to work under deadlines.
  • Strong research skills with the ability to create solid reports and deliverables.
  • Extremely web savvy.

Optional requirements

  • Solid Technical SEO experience
  • Built & executed project plans while coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including software developers.
  • Experience with Project Management tools (eg. Microsoft Project, JIRA, Trello,
  • Experience with Software Development methodologies (Agile, SDLC).
  • Advanced experience with Excel.
  • Advanced experience with Web Analytics.
  • Some level of coding experience (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • Background in Javascript + SEO issues. 
  • Experience with Various SEO Software (i.e. Moz, SEMRush, ahrefs, Screaming Frog, Google Keyword Planner, etc).
  • Experience in enterprise SEO, local SEO (multiple branches). 
  • Knowledge of the US market – US english, corporate culture, audience targeting. 
  • Any experience in creating marketing copy. Creative writer and thinker.
  • Any experience in various CMS systems (WordPress, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify)

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Ari Nahmani

Ari Nahmani is the CEO of Jerusalem based Kahena Digital Marketing. Ari is a web analytics freak who loves performance measurement data, excel, and pretty charts that demonstrate ROI. With an addiction to double espressos and as an Apple fanboy, it’s not uncommon to see Ari unsuccessfully managing his ADHD juggling multiple screens and iDevices. Follow him: @AriNahmani or at +Ari Nahmani