SEO Associate

SEO Associate

As a SEO Associate, you will be responsible for supporting Account Managers & Project Managers in the implementation of digital marketing efforts. You will implement everything from SEO best practices, digital PR, data analysis, competitive research, and much more. You will be trained extremely quickly with ample opportunities to grow and expand your career in a short period of time. Hustle and self-taught learning is rewarded. You will work with a number of clients in various industries and see the online success that comes as a direct result of your digital marketing efforts.


  • Native English speaker with excellent communication skills (written and spoken).
  • Previous experience in digital marketing (SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Online Advertising)
  • Extremely web and computer savvy.
  • Experience with Excel and basic data analysis.
  • Confident and adaptable in dynamic team settings.
  • Ability to work to full time in Jerusalem office.
  • Strong research skills with ability to create solid reports or deliverables.
  • Strong skills in time management and ability to work under deadlines.


  • Advanced experience with Excel.
  • Advanced experience with Web Analytics.
  • Some level of coding experience (HTML, CSS).
  • Any experience in creating marketing copy. Creative writer and thinker.
  • Any experience in various CMS systems (WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc).
  • Great sense of humor and ability to take a joke!
  • Not afraid to wage battle in a GIF war (or argue about if it’s pronounced ‘gif’ or ‘jif’).
  • Put up with pretentious discussions about the best way to brew coffee, and doesn’t mind being on camera (or at least Facebook live).


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Todd Edelman